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About Us

Music City Inc is a company dedicated to online digital music marketing, branding, and distribution. We are skilled and experienced marketing and writing professionals who are passionate about music and want to see musicians succeed.

Welcome to Music City Inc., where we love music just as much as you do. 

Music City Inc. is a name that works to help new artists and bands find the best recognition and audience for their music. We put in all our efforts and services to establish your music careers. We understand the struggle artists go through – they have the talent, they have the music and songs, but they do not have the external help to create a pathway for their music to be recognized. We’re changing that, though. Music City Inc. is going to be all the assistance and external help you need to get your talent across.


Our site is an online music store that gives artists around the world a platform to showcase/sell their music within a community where fans can connect, explore and make purchases directly from our store.


Great music is only as great as your distribution platform. It is vital for you to be found and heard to have a successful music career. Music City Inc is a SEO rich platform granting you the means and exposure to be successful as an indie artist. It is our goal to provide a vessel for up and coming artist to profit and easily be found on search engines, like google, while meeting the music needs and demand of the public. We are devoted to fair and quality online music distribution; and look forward to your experience with us.


We work with professionalism yet keep it personal because we understand artists on a ground levelWith our professionalism and help, Music City Inc. can be the platform that helped you get your initial recognition.


How We Can Help You


The process of helping artists is simple yet effective. In strict terms, Music City Inc. is a digital music store. Here, artists that wish to attain our marketing help can upload a song for the low price of $1.00 for a single song or $9.99 for an album. This song will then get an audience and the artist can get revenues from sales. How does their song get recognition? Through our services – we offer honest and real marketing assistance to you that gets your music to the audience you need.


The reason why we do this for such a reasonable price is because we love music and helping artists is our passion. The feeling of knowing that we helped some talent get ahead is one of pride and happiness. All that Music City Inc. does, does for you.


So, the question is, are you ready? To finally get all your music to the right audience through the right marketing? Upload your best song yet to Music City Inc. and let us get it the exposure you need. We are here to set potential artists’ careers and we look to provide all that we offer and more.