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Frequently Asked Questions

Music City Inc.

How does Music City help with brand recognition?

Here at Music City, we worked to promote your music and help you gain exposure with our website.

We make sure we ranked in indie music searches to direct traffic flow to our website, and use our platform and resources to have our work played at concert venues and performances.

How does pricing work?

With one-time upload fees, the payment process is simple.

There are no hidden fees or external fees you have to pay.

You simply pay once and your song is uploaded to our database, and you are ready to promote your songs. You do not need a recording contract to publish through us, making us the most inexpensive choice.

How do I get receive payment?

You can ask for a payout at anytime, and we will automatically send you a check once you hit a threshold of 50$ in your dashboard. You can track payments through your dashboard.

You are payed for 70% of your commission sales, putting us at the top of highest payout.

That’s more than any other music store, including itunes!

What kind of control do I have over my songs once published through Music City?

You have full control how your music is handled with your personal dashboard.

You can see track downloads and frequency, and manage your music.

You are also given a personal url to further streamline your music and give yourself brand identification.

How does Music City help me promote my music?

We act as a platform to help establish you within the Indie scene, as well as use our resources to have your music shared across multiple websites and venues, in addition to your own personal URL and dashboard to control your music.

We give you the tools you need to stand out and to succeed.